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Policy Statement

With our global presence, Wyndham Destinations considers many of the world’s most beautiful and coveted travel destinations “home”. We place a high value on protecting the environment and communities in which we live and operate.

We have a simple goal: as people travel to and vacation at our destinations, it is our responsibility to ensure each location remains a breath of fresh air. By engaging and empowering our associates, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to act sustainably, we are cultivating a community that prioritizes the health of our people, communities and environment.

We believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air and drink clean water. Our Environmental Sustainability Policy Statement affirms the commitment to reduce the environmental impacts associated with our operations and value chain. It applies globally to Wyndham Destinations’ owned, leased and managed resorts and corporate leased offices.

In accordance with this policy statement, we commit to:

Reduce Environmental Footprint

  • Mitigate climate change and air pollution risks by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as we operate more efficiently at resorts and offices, via business travel and product distribution throughout our value chain.
  • Ensure the responsible use of energy via the addition of efficiency measures, behavioral changes and investments in renewable energy.
  • Reduce our water usage and prioritize locations with high water risk so that we can implement innovative solutions for water scarcity both locally and globally.
  • Minimize and properly manage waste by reducing, donating and recycling waste streams, including paper, plastics, e-waste and organic waste, generated by our business operations.
  • Protect habitats and conserve biodiversity through the planting of trees and procurement of products that safeguard the rainforest and promote fair trade such as shade grown coffee.
  • Consume responsibly by partnering with suppliers that sustain, protect and restore the environment, and maximize our procurement of sustainable, eco-efficient products and services.

Track and Measure Performance

  • Set specific and measurable environmental sustainability goals that drive us toward continual improvement.
  • Track and measure our environmental sustainability performance goals and targets using our proprietary online management system.
  • Monitor and comply with local, state, national and global laws and regulations pertaining to our operations and meet all voluntary requirements to which Wyndham Destinations subscribes, while keeping our locations informed.

Engage and Communicate Progress

  • Motivate, reward and educate associates to support our environmental sustainability goals through participation in days of awareness, training and volunteerism.
  • Engage meaningfully with external stakeholders including our owners, guests, suppliers, investors and non-government organizations to foster education and action toward the betterment of the environment.
  • Transparently communicate progress on our environmental sustainability goals internally to our leadership and Board of Directors, and externally to our investors and other relevant stakeholders.